Zhang Qingying



Qingying ZHANG   Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Pharmacognosy  


Tel./fax: 010-82801725

Email: qyzhang@bjmu.edu.cn    




Born in -->-->-->-->-->-->-->Chiping, Shandong Province



Pharmaceutical Science, Shandong Medical University



Medicinal Chemistry, Shandong Medical University



Medicinal Chemistry, Peking University Health Science Center


Teaching Assitant, Lecturer

Biomedical Engineering Research Center, Shandong University


Lecturer, Associate Professor

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University


Research Fellow

Research Center of Tsukuba, Eisai Co. Ltd.


1. Chemistry of herbal medicines

(1)    Isolation and structural elucidation of bioactive and novel natural products.

(2)    Derivatization of bioactive natural products

(3)    Structure-activity relationship (SAR) of bioactive products.

2. Chemical analysis and quality evaluation of herbal medicines

(1)   Simultaneous determination of multiple components of herbal medicines

(2)   HPLC or HPLC-MS fingerprint analysis of herbal medicines


1.         Award for good teachers, Peking University Health Science center, 2010

2.         Award for outstanding young scholars, Peking University Health Science center, 2009.

3.         Award for outstanding teachers, Peking University Health Science center, 2008.



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