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Department of natural medicines, established in December 1996, under the pharmacognosy laboratory, natural medicine chemistry laboratory, pharmacognosy biotechnology laboratory, medicinal plant research, Marine medicine and synthetic biology laboratory, metabolism of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine research lab. Its predecessor was founded in 1941, the earliest Chinese medicine research institute student divisions, which was by the famous house of pharmacognosy zhao Yu Mr Huang ren, director of the department of crude drugs; Later, on the basis of the institute of traditional Chinese medicine composed of the department of pharmacology and the department of chemistry, the department of pharmacy of Peking University school of medicine was established in 1943. Since 1951, famous scholars in the field of pharmacognosy have successively taught in our department, including Mr. Lou zhizen, Mr. Cheng jingrong and Mr. Lin qishou. Professor Lou zhizen was elected as an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering in 1994.