Zhang Yingtao


Zhang Ying-Tao

Associate Professor


Research Areas

Bioactivities of medicinal plants

Alzheimer’s disease


Education & Positions

University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), B.S., 1994

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D., 2000

College of Life Sciences, Peking University, Bachelor’s degree, 1992-1997

College of Life Sciences, Peking University, Doctor’s degree, 1992-1997

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University, Lecturer 1997-2001, Associate Professor 2001-


Faculty Accolades

Teaching Excellence Award 2018, Peking University.


Research Interests

Our research program spans a broad range of ADMET/Act. of natural products. We discovered bioactive compounds of traditional Chinese medicines regulating multi-targets of Alzheimer’s disease, such as Buguzhi, a Yang-tonifying herb containing bioactive prenylated flavonoids.



1. Xu, Q.-X.; Hu, Y.; Li, G.-Y.; Xu W.; Zhang, Y.-T.; * Yang, X.-W.* Multi-Target Anti-Alzheimer Activities of Four Prenylated Compounds from Psoralea Fructus. Molecules, 2018, 23(3), 614.

2. Chen, Z.-J.; Yang, Y.-F.; Zhang, Y.-T.;* Yang, D.-H.    Dietary Total Prenylflavonoids from the Fruits of Psoralea corylifolia L. Prevents Age-Related Cognitive Deficits and Down-Regulates Alzheimer’s Markers in SAMP8 Mice. Molecules 2018, 23(1), 196.

3. Yang, Y. F.; Zhang, Y. B.; Chen, Z. J.; Zhang, Y.-T.; * Yang, X.-W.* Plasma pharmacokinetics and cerebral nuclei distribution of major constituents of Psoraleae fructus in rats after oral administration. Phytomedicine, 2018, 38, 166-174.

4. Chen X, Yang Y, Zhang Y. * Isobavachalcone and bavachinin from Psoraleae Fructus modulate Aβ42 aggregation process through different mechanisms in vitro[J]. Febs Letters, 2013, 587(18), 2930-2935.