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1. Xue Qiao, Xiong-hao Lin, Shuai Ji, Zheng-xiang Zhang, Tao Bo, De-an Guo, Min Ye. Global profiling and novel structure discovery using multiple neutral loss/precursor ion scanning combined with substructure recognition and statistical analysis (MNPSS): Characterization of terpene-conjugated curcuminoids in Curcuma longa as a case study.Analytical Chemistry, 2016, 88(1): 703-710. (IF=5.886)


2. Xiao-Li Ma, Xiao-Yu Guo, Yue-Lin Song, Li-Rui Qiao, Wen-Guang Wang, Ming-Bo Zhao, Peng-Fei Tu, Yong Jiang*. An integrated strategy for global qualitative and quantitative profiling of traditional Chinese Medicine Formulas: Baoyuan Decoction as a case. Scientific Reports, 2016, 6: 38379. (IF=5.228)


3. Li-Xi Liao, Ming-Bo Zhao, Xin Dong, Yong Jiang, Ke-Wu Zeng*, Peng-Fei Tu*. TDB protects vascular endothelial cells against oxygen-glucose deprivation/reperfusion-induced injury by targeting miR-34a to increase Bcl-2 expression. Scientific Reports, 2016, 6: 37959. (IF= 5.228)


4. Ning-Ning Wei, Hai-Ning Lv, Yang Wu, Shi-Long Yang, Xiao-Ying Sun, Ren Lai, Yong Jiang*, Ke-Wei Wang*. Selective Activation of Nociceptor TRPV1 Channel and Reversal of Inflammatory Pain in Mice by a Novel Coumarin derivative Muralatin L from Murraya alata. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2016, 291 (2): 640-651. (IF=4.258)


5. Qing-Rong Fu, Cang-Man Zhang, Zong-Tao Lin , Hong-Yang Sun , Yi Liang , Hai-Xiu Jiang , Zhi-Ling Song , Hong Wang*, Shi-Zhong Chen*. Rapid screening and identification of compounds with DNA-binding activity from Folium Citri Reticulatae using on-line HPLC–DAD–MSn coupled with a post column fluorescence detection system. Food Chemistry, 2016, 192: 250-259. (IF=4.052)


6. Jin-Feng Chen, Zi-Yi Shi, Yue-Lin Song, Xiao-Yu Guo, Ming-Bo Zhao, Peng-Fei Tu, Yong Jiang*. Source attribution and structure classification-assisted strategy for comprehensively profiling Chinese herbal formula: Ganmaoling granule as a case. Journal of Chromatography A, 2016, 1464: 102-114. (IF=3.926)


7. Xue Qiao, Qi Wang, Wei Song, Yi Qian, Yao Xiao, Rong An, De-An Guo, Min Ye*. A chemical profiling solution for Chinese medicine formulas using comprehensive and loop-based multiple heart-cutting two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry.  Journal of Chromatography A, 2016, 1438: 198-204. (IF=3.926)


8. Xue Qiao, Ru Li, Wei Song, Wen-Juan Miao, Jia Liu, Hu-Biao Chen, De-An Guo, Min Ye*. A targeted strategy to analyze untargeted mass spectral data: rapid chemical profiling of Scutellaria baicalensis using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with hybrid quadrupole orbitrap mass spectrometry and key ion filtering. Journal of Chromatography A, 2016, 1441, 83-95. (IF=3.926)


9. Qi Wang, Wei Song, Xue Qiao*, Shuai Ji, Yi Kuang, Zheng-Xiang Zhang, Tao Bo, De-An Guo, Min Ye*. Simultaneous quantification of 50 bioactive compounds of the traditional Chinese medicine formula Gegen-Qinlian decoction using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography A, 2016, 1454, 15-25. (IF=3.926)


10. Mei-Xian Liu, Jing Dong, Zong-Tao Lin, Yan-Yan Niu, Xiao-Tian Zhang, Hai-Xiu Jiang, Ning Guo, Wei Li, Hong Wang*, Shi-Zhong Chen*. Rapid screening of transferrin-binders in the flowers of Bauhinia blakeana Dunn by on-line high-performance liquid chromatography-diode-array detector-electrospray ionization-ion-trap-time-of-flight-mass spectrometry-transferrin-fluorescence detection system. Journal of Chromatography A, 2016, 1450: 17-28. (IF=3.926)


11. Yan-Yan Niu, Sen-Sen Li, Zong-Tao Lin, Mei-Xian Liu, Dai-Dong Wang, Hong Wang*, Shi-Zhong Chen*. Development of propidium iodide as a fluorescence probe for theon-line screening of non-specific DNA-intercalators in Fufang Banbianlian Injection. 2016, 1463: 102-109. (IF=3.926)